Concierge on iPAQ Windows Mobile

iPAQ PocketPC

Concierge has been tested with IBM J9 CDC. Something to keep in mind is that Windows PocketPC and Windows Mobile do not know the concept of the current directory. So even when Concierge is started from a subdirectory, all relative paths are interpreted relative to the file system root. To start Concierge from the subdirectory /concierge, create a link file in the following style:

165#"\Program Files\J9\PPRO10\bin\j9.exe" "-jcl:ppro10" -Dxargs=\concierge\init.xargs -cp \concierge\concierge-0.6.0.jar ch.ethz.iks.concierge.framework.Framework
and call the file, for instance, concierge.lnk