So far, only few standard service bundles have been implemented for Concierge. So on sufficiently powerful devices, the bundles of Knopflerfish, from the Oscar Bundle Repository, or from the OSGi Bundle Repository can be used on Concierge. However, we will try to implement useful services with the same focus on efficiency that Concierge has.

Bundle Description
Service Tracker The OSGi service tracker. We have tuned it a bit for better performance.
Shell A minimalistic shell for resource-constrained environments. The shell is extensible at runtime, other bundles can register management extensions.
Splash Screen Our "Yes, it runs with Concierge" splash screen. Not terribly useful but nice for testing and demos.
Concierge GUI A small GUI that runs on PDAs and smart phones. Can be used to manage bundles.
Event Admin R4 EventAdmin backport for Concierge. Can be used with R-OSGi.