Interface Configurable

public interface Configurable

Supports a configuration object.

Configurable is an interface that should be used by a bundle developer in support of a configurable service. Bundles that need to configure a service may test to determine if the service object is an instanceof Configurable.

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Open Services Gateway Initiative

Method Summary
 java.lang.Object getConfigurationObject()
          Returns this service's configuration object.

Method Detail


java.lang.Object getConfigurationObject()
Returns this service's configuration object.

Services implementing Configurable should take care when returning a service configuration object since this object is probably sensitive.

If the Java Runtime Environment supports permissions, it is recommended that the caller is checked for the appropriate permission before returning the configuration object. It is recommended that callers possessing the appropriate AdminPermission always be allowed to get the configuration object.

The configuration object for this service.
java.lang.SecurityException - If the caller does not have an appropriate permission and the Java Runtime Environment supports permissions.

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